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"To those who want to part with a tooth decay"

○Don't you have these troubles?

・ I don't want to go hurting, so I don't want to go to the dentist.
・ Even if I treat a tooth decay, new tooth decay will be made soon.
・ I want to eat sweets as much as I like, but I am scared of becoming a tooth decay.
・ When I brush my teeth, I will get blood.
・ My gums are red and swollen.
・ Recently, my teeth have been grazing.
・ I am concerned about my bad breath.

We have good news!!

Such troubles are solved with "tooth brushing"!!

Don't be discouraged with saying "Oh, tooth brushing only..." You just don't know real toothbrushing. It doesn't take much labor. Effort and time will rather decrease. As a result, treatment costs will be lower. And you can part with caries and pyorrhea for a lifetime.

All you should have a habit of brushing teeth more than once a day. Just use this habit. If you tell me the condition of your teeth and gums concretely, our dentist will give you free advice.
Of course, it is confidentiality.

(Inquiry example 1)
When I brush my teeth, blood come out recently. Besides, the teeth slightly shook. I am worried my teeth may break when I eat hard foods. And my family don't like talking to me. I am worried that my mouth may be smelly.

(Inquiry example 2)
Is there really a good way to avoid tooth decay, even if you eat sweet foods?

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"For those who want to become white teeth"

○Don't you have these wishes?

・ I want him to see me.
・ I want to make job hunting more advantageous.
・ I want to make my smiling attractive on taking pictures.
・ I want to laugh with a big smiling mouth without hesitation in public.
・ I want to be praised for being attractive.
・ In a celebrity party, I'd like to make a difference with my rival.
・ In the future, I would like to be active overseas.
・ I want to debut in the entertainment world or model.

We have good news!!

In order to be beautiful, you don't have to undergo orthopedic surgery. You can be beautiful in fact at a fraction of that cost.

The way is "Aesthetic Dentistry"-that is to make the teeth beautiful.

Don't be discouraged with saying "Oh, just dental..." Because the mouth is the biggest part of the face, if just the impression of the tooth changes, the impression of the whole face will change greatly.

For this "aesthetic", according to your own conditions (tooth shape, color, budget, etc.), our dentist will give you free advice.
Of course, it is confidentiality.

If you want to aim for beauty from today, please contact us first. Men are also welcome.

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