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104-7, Kitakazan Nakamichi-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto , 607-8481, Japan

TEL 075-593-7321(+81-75-593-7321)


 About a dentel clinic, do you think "A place I don't want to go as far as possible" or "A place unwillingly to go because of toothache" ?
 Certainly, if you go to the dentist after your tooth having a big hole or becoming loose or falling out, the dental clinic is the last place for you to go forever and ever.

 Let's change the subject for a moment here. What if your teeth had no big tooth decay? What if your teeth were not loose? Do you mind going to the dentist!?<

 So please keep company with the dental clinic well so that you don't have tooth decay and your teeth don't become loose from now.
 We Matsui dental clinic's staff will keep your teeth in good condition with you.

Matsui Dental Clinic
   Dr. Reiko Matsui

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